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    J.A. Bartley, 1951

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    Updated 2013
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    Traffic Poles

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    Updated Apr 27, 2016
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    Light Poles

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J.A. Bartley, 1951

  • Dataset updated 2013
Dataset provided by
University of Southern California Digital Library (USC.DL)

2 images. J.A. Bartley, 31 October 1951. Detective Lieutenant J.A. Bartley (with pistol used in contest).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: McCarty. Reporter: Fowler. Assignment: J.A. Bartley. 29-30: Detective Lieutenant J.A. Bartley, with pistol used in contests, Police Badge No. 1; award other medals. Has been on active duty L.A.P.D. longer than any other officer. For Sunday or Monday".

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