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  1. Coronavirus (Covid-19) Data in the United States

    • github.com
    • openicpsr.org
    • +4diğer
  2. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – the data

    • ourworldindata.org
  3. H

    Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases Data

    • codesign.blog
    • data.humdata.org
    • +1diğer
    Son güncellenme: 18 Şub 2022
  4. d

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Case Counts

    • data.world
    csv, zip
    Son güncellenme: 28 Kas 2022
  5. State COVID-19 Data and Policy Actions

    • kff.org
  6. WHO Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) situation reports

    • who.int
  7. t

    United States Coronavirus COVID-19 Deaths

    • tradingeconomics.com
    • ar.tradingeconomics.com
    • +16diğer
  8. j

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and...

    • systems.jhu.edu
    • github.com
    • +1diğer
  9. s

    COVID-19 cases, recoveries, deaths in most impacted countries as of November...

    • statista.com
  10. New York Times Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States

    • datacatalog.med.nyu.edu
    Son güncellenme: 29 Mar 2022
  11. t

    United States Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases

    • tradingeconomics.com
    • da.tradingeconomics.com
    • +16diğer
  12. u

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases V2

    • covid-19-data.unstatshub.org
    • coronavirus-resources.esri.com
    • +11diğer
    Son güncellenme: 26 Mar 2020
  13. H

    The New York Times Coronavirus (Covid-19) Cases and Deaths in the United...

    • data.humdata.org
    • data.amerigeoss.org
    Son güncellenme: 30 Kas 2022
  14. e

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Cases

    • coronavirus-resources.esri.com
    • hub.arcgis.com
    • +4diğer
    Son güncellenme: 6 Şub 2020
  15. n

    Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Map

    • nextstrain.org
  16. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tweets Dataset

    • ieee-dataport.org
    • commons.datacite.org
    • +1diğer
  17. Data from: Novel Corona Virus 2019 Dataset

    • kaggle.com
    Son güncellenme: 24 Haz 2021
  18. e

    COVID-19 Pandemic - Worldwide

    • data.europa.eu
    • opendata.bruxelles.be
    • +6diğer
    Son güncellenme: 13 Şub 2020
  19. United States COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by State over Time - ARCHIVED

    • data.cdc.gov
    • healthdata.gov
    • +1diğer
    application/rdfxml +5
    Son güncellenme: 19 Eki 2022
  20. Washington State Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases

    • data.wa.gov
    • beta.healthdata.gov
    • +1diğer
    application/rdfxml +5
    Son güncellenme: 4 Mar 2020
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New York Times, Coronavirus (Covid-19) Data in the United States [Dataset]. https://github.com/nytimes/covid-19-data
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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Data in the United States

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The New York Timeshttp://nytimes.com/



The New York Times is releasing a series of data files with cumulative counts of coronavirus cases in the United States, at the state and county level, over time. We are compiling this time series data from state and local governments and health departments in an attempt to provide a complete record of the ongoing outbreak.

Since the first reported coronavirus case in Washington State on Jan. 21, 2020, The Times has tracked cases of coronavirus in real time as they were identified after testing. Because of the widespread shortage of testing, however, the data is necessarily limited in the picture it presents of the outbreak.

We have used this data to power our maps and reporting tracking the outbreak, and it is now being made available to the public in response to requests from researchers, scientists and government officials who would like access to the data to better understand the outbreak.

The data begins with the first reported coronavirus case in Washington State on Jan. 21, 2020. We will publish regular updates to the data in this repository.

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