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    Maryland Sport Venues - Cricket

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    Global exporters importers-export import data of Cricket bat

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    Cricket World Cup Winners

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    Updated Nov 24, 2022
  19. CRICKET ISLAND FOUNDATION, fiscal year ending Dec. 2020

  20. f

    Ball by ball test match cricket data 1998-2006

    Updated Apr 26, 2018
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Raghav (2022). Cricket Players ESPN [Dataset].

Cricket Players ESPN

ESPN Cricket players dataset

Explore at:
csv, zipAvailable download formats
Dataset updated
Nov 20, 2022
Dataset provided by, Inc.

CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication
License information was derived automatically


Here is the list of all cricket players scraped from

The dataset contains more than 90000 professional cricket players all over the world through all timeline scraped from the ESPN official website. Contains 181 columns with unique ID, Description for some and all batting bowling scores from Tests, ODI, List A, First_Class, T20I, T20.

Thanks to the beautiful api that espncricinfo provides I was able to gather this data for all players. I was only able to find data for teams and matches so I scraped all the details of each player that has his name listed in espn's website.

Here is the page where I was able to run my spider :

As you can see there are over 180 useful feature points of every player however there are a lot of missing data as well. Some are empty or - or NA and even blank lists.

Cleaning it is a challenge but its fun and not extremely hard.

Have fun with this data. Play around with it and you will find some useful meaning out of it. Enjoy!

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