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Reynolds, Paul D. (2022). Global Entrepreneurship Monitor [GEM]: Adult Population Survey Data Set, 1998-2017 [Dataset].
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Data from: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor [GEM]: Adult Population Survey Data Set, 1998-2017

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ascii, sas, delimited, stata, spss, rAvailable download formats
Dataset updated
Jul 12, 2022
Dataset provided by
Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research
Reynolds, Paul D.

Time period covered
1998 - 2017
Area covered
Algeria, Estonia, Singapore, Canada, Peru, Portugal, Egypt, Lithuania, Namibia, Germany
Dataset funded by
Alberta Government
Alliance of Microfinance Organizations
Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor [GEM] research program was developed to provide comparisons among countries related to participation of adults in the firm creation process. The initial data was assembled as a pretest of five countries in 1998 and by 2012 over 100 countries had been involved in the program. The initial design for the GEM initiative was based on the first US Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics, and by 2012 data from 1,827,513 individuals had been gathered in 563 national samples and 6 specialized regional samples.

This dataset is a harmonized file capturing results from all of the surveys. The procedure has been to harmonize the basic items across all surveys in all years, followed by implementing a standardized transform to identify those active as nascent entrepreneurs in the start-up process, as owner-managers of new firms, or as owner-managers of established firms. Those identified as nascent entrepreneurs or new business owners are the basis for the Total Entrepreneurial Activity [TEA] or Total Early-Stage index. This harmonized, consolidated assessment not only facilitates comparisons across countries, but provides a basis for temporal comparisons for individual countries.

Respondents were queried on the following main topics: general entrepreneurship, start-up activities, ownership and management of the firm, and business angels (angel investors). Respondents were initially screened by way of a series of general questions pertaining to starting a business, such as whether they were currently trying to start a new business, whether they knew anyone who had started a new business, whether they thought it was a good time to start a new business, as well as their perceptions of the income potential and the prestige associated with starting a new business. Demographic variables include respondent age, sex, and employment status.

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