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4Quant (2018). InteractiveSegmentation [Dataset].
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Data from: InteractiveSegmentation

Semantic Segmentation of Images using few paint strokes

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Jan 10, 2018
Dataset authored and provided by


Image Segmentation is a complicated problem that often cannot be performed in a fully automatic manner. We use this dataset as a way for testing and exploring methods to make such semi-automatic segmentation work better


151 images with full segmentations and paint strokes (compiled by:


Visual Graphics Group at Oxford for Compiling the data GrabCut Dataset from Microsoft PASCAL Dataset Alpha Matting Dataset


  • How well do different techniques work at expanding the initial labels to a full segmentation?
  • Which techniques are quick enough to run in real time (the paint strokes are normally given and the user waits for feedback, they can't be precomputed)
  • Are any of these techniques easy to implement in the JavaScript so they could be browser-based?
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