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    Updated 11.06.2020
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    Data from: An evolutionary perspective on intergroup dating bias

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    Updated Feb 7, 2018
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    Current Posttraumatic Stress Disorder symptomatology distorts memory for...

    Updated May 4, 2018
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(2020) s2_initial. [Dataset]


5 scholarly articles cite this dataset (View in Google Scholar)
Dataset updated 11.06.2020
Variables measured
alternatives, alternatives_1, alternatives_2, alternatives_3, alternatives_4, alternatives_5, alternatives_6, asendorpf_shyness, asendorpf_shyness_1, asendorpf_shyness_2, asendorpf_shyness_3r, asendorpf_shyness_4r, asendorpf_shyness_5, attractiveness_warmth, bfi_agree, bfi_agree_1r, bfi_agree_2, bfi_agree_3r, bfi_agree_4, bfi_agree_5, bfi_agree_6r, bfi_agree_7, bfi_agree_8r, bfi_agree_9, bfi_consc, bfi_consc_1, bfi_consc_2r, bfi_consc_3, bfi_consc_4r, bfi_consc_5, bfi_consc_6, bfi_consc_7, bfi_consc_8r, bfi_consc_9r, bfi_extra, bfi_extra_1, bfi_extra_2r, bfi_extra_3, bfi_extra_4, bfi_extra_5r, bfi_extra_6, bfi_extra_7r, bfi_extra_8, bfi_neuro, bfi_neuro_1, bfi_neuro_2r, bfi_neuro_3, bfi_neuro_4, bfi_neuro_5r, bfi_neuro_6r, and 141 more

The dataset has N=1512 rows and 191 columns. 0 rows have no missing values on any column.

Table of variables

This table contains variable names, labels, and number of missing values. See the complete codebook for more.



This dataset was automatically described using the codebook R package (version 0.9.3).

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