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  1. R

    skiing Dataset

    Updated Sep 7, 2022
  2. G

    Data from: Ski Resorts

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    html, kml, wms
    Updated Mar 1, 2024
  3. Popularity of skiing in Spain 2000-2023

    Updated Jan 10, 2024
  4. d

    CustomWeather API | Ski Resort Data | Ski Resort Weather Forecasts And...

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    Updated Apr 12, 2024
  5. Global Ski Market Size By Product Type (Skis and Poles, Ski Boots), By...

  6. c

    Skiing, 1969

    Updated Aug 9, 2023
  7. w

    Skis and skiing-History

    Updated Apr 24, 2024
  8. National Skiing Market Survey, 1978 - Archival Version

    Updated Jul 13, 2021
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  9. w

    Skis and skiing-Alps

    Updated Jun 24, 2023
  10. Share of global skier visits 2020-2021, by region

    Updated Dec 7, 2023
  11. d

    The relative importance of ski resort- and weather-related characteristics...

    Updated Oct 22, 2023
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  12. e

    Ski Market Size, Trends, Growth, Industry Share 2024-2032

    Updated Jan 17, 2023
  13. f

    Mean and SD of measured skiing speeds (km/h) of the 3 speed perception...

    Updated Dec 3, 2015
  14. Number of snow sports (skier/snowboard) visits in the United States...

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    Updated Nov 28, 2023
  15. Best ski areas worldwide 2024, by ski index score

    Updated Jan 18, 2024
  16. T

    Ski Vacation Market by Type of Ski holidays, Booking Channel, Tourist Type,...

    csv, pdf
    Updated Oct 6, 2022
  17. T

    Detailed Analysis of the Mountain and Ski Resorts Market by Skiing,...

    csv, pdf
    Updated Jul 19, 2023
  18. d

    Willingness to pay for fast-track tickets in the alpine skiing industry -...

    Updated Dec 13, 2023
    + more versions
  19. e

    Record of accidents on ski slopes

    csv, html
    Updated Oct 12, 2021
  20. m

    Mountain and Ski Resorts Market | Size, Growth | 2024 to 2029

    Updated Oct 3, 2023
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강호균 (2022). skiing Dataset [Dataset].

skiing Dataset

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Sep 7, 2022
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Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)
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Variables measured
Helmet Bounding Boxes

Here are a few use cases for this project:

  1. Safety Monitoring: This model could be used in ski resorts for real-time monitoring of skiers, enabling authorities to enforce helmet rules and reduce the risk of injury.

  2. Sport Event Analysis: During professional ski competitions, this model might provide real-time analysis, identifying which competitors are wearing helmets and potentially categorizing them based on the type or color of their helmets.

  3. Development of Smart Cameras: Integrating this model into smart cameras could enable them to automatically identify and focus on skiers with helmets, useful for specific filming or photography needs.

  4. Insurance Investigations: Insurance companies might use this model to enhance their investigation process for winter sport accidents and determine if claimants were following safety protocols like wearing a helmet.

  5. AI Ski Coaching: This model can be incorporated into an AI-based ski coaching system in which the model identifies if the trainee is wearing a helmet or not, providing real-time feedback, enhancing safety, and providing an all-around learning experience.

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