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  1. Webis TripAdvisor Corpus 2014 (Webis-Tripad-14)

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    Updated Jan 24, 2020
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Martin Trenkmann; Katharina Spiel; Katharina Spiel; Martin Trenkmann (2020). Webis TripAdvisor Corpus 2014 (Webis-Tripad-14) [Dataset].
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Webis TripAdvisor Corpus 2014 (Webis-Tripad-14)

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Dataset updated
Jan 24, 2020
Dataset provided by
Martin Trenkmann; Katharina Spiel; Katharina Spiel; Martin Trenkmann

Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)
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Crawled over 2 weeks in January 2014, the Webis TripAdvisor Corpus 2014 (Webis-Tripad-14) consists of 266 061 reviews on 12 044 hotels by 208 785 users. Additionally, there is meta data about the hotels (such as location or overall ratings), the users (such as gender and age range) and the reviews itself (such as date posted and rating) available. We offer a download in json format: one file per hotel and one file containing all the user information.

The Webis TripAdvisor Corpus 2014 (Webis-Tripad-14) is designed in such a way that several different tasks can be performed on it, such as sentiment analysis, author profiling or usefulness detection.

The json-corpus consists of 12 045 files, where one of them contains all the user data and the others are one for each of the hotels in the data set. A detailed description of the data and the key/value pairs can be found as a README.txt in the download folder.

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