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David Molina (2019). Oregon Wildlife [Dataset].
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Data from: Oregon Wildlife

Wildlife image collection

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May 1, 2019
David Molina
Area covered

This document stills in edition process....


I had to prepare a presentation for a meetup in Portland, OR area and was looking for a fresh data set. I didn't want to use the well known data sets such as digits-mnist, fashion-mnist, iris flowers, etc. I decided to just create my own data set about something that I love to do. Summer 2019 is coming and Oregon is beautiful to explore and while I'm driving I'm always looking for a deer on the side of the route, or eagles on top of the trees, and go to the local safaris to see bears (don't want to find them in a hike lol) and take some pictures. So well there is when the idea came out. "Let's download a data set of Oregon wildlife and get some fun training a model to classify them". For this I use a google scraper I found on GitHub. Forked the repository, started a new branch, did some adaptations of that code and downloaded the data set. After the presentation I didn't know what to do with the database. It was just resting on my laptop. I decided to load it here on Kaggle and share some notebooks and hoping this data set can be fun to explore for the community!


Here we find a small data set of 14013 images in the folder distributed in 20 classes as follows:

folder: bald_eagle images: 748
folder: black_bear images: 718
folder: cougar images: 680
folder: elk images: 660
folder: gray_wolf images: 730
folder: mountain_beaver images: 577
folder: bobcat images: 696
folder: nutria images: 701
folder: coyote images: 736
folder: columbian_black-tailed_deer images: 735
folder: seals images: 698
folder: canada_lynx images: 717
folder: ringtail images: 588
folder: red_fox images: 759
folder: gray_fox images: 668
folder: virginia_opossum images: 728
folder: sea_lions images: 726
folder: raccoon images: 728
folder: raven images: 656
folder: deer images: 764

The second file is a sample of the data with just 5 classes already prepossessed with GapCV library in a h5 file with 3531 images distributed as follows:

key: bald_eagle images: 748
key: black_bear images: 718
key: cougar images: 680
key: elk images: 660
key: gray_wolf images: 730

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